Friday Feature

What is Friday Feature?

Every Friday (hopefully!), Pocket Lint will feature a guest post.

There are so many great things in the world:
-Great people
-Great causes
-Great writing
-Great teaching

If you are interested in guest posting on a Friday Feature, double check the topics below, subject matter near and dear to my heart, and if what you do/want to do/should do applies at all to one of the topics, I'd love to have you.

Topics include:
-Down syndrome
-Special needs
-Being a pastor's wife
-Moyamoya disease (or some other life threatening illness to children)

Don't see a topic you fit into but still want to guest post?  OK, pitch me, I'm listening?

To get on the Friday Feature schedule, leave me a comment below AND email me at gillian(at)rcn(dot)com (note, two steps: comment and email :).  Pitch me your post.  If it is a go, then you need to have your post emailed to me by the Wednesday prior to your Friday Feature.  As admin on this blog I reserve the right to ask you to change or delete something and can also opt not to publish your feature if it doesn't fit here at Pocket Lint.

If you guest post for a Friday Feature, I encourage you to do a couple things:
-Write well!
-Be open and honest
-Publicize yourself  at the end of your guest post :) (facebook handle, twitter, the works, bring it on!)
-Publicize your guest post at Pocket Lint so new readers will check out my blog.  (Blog about it, facebook, tweet it etc...)

I'm not sure how well this idea will take off.  If there are many guest post offers, please be patient as your post may be scheduled a few months out.  But if it fits for Pocket Lint, it will be published.  Also, please alert me in your email if you want to write about a time sensitive matter.  I'll do my best to bump you up.

Friday Feature!  Yay!  
Oh no, now I need someone for this coming Friday...


  1. I'm emailing you about Friday Feature. I'll put my info in there...xoxo

  2. I don't have a blog, but I have something to share - if you like it. ;)

    I'll e-mail it to you.

    Darn google! I don't understand why it won't take my comment! So, I'm anonymous.


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