Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 3 post surgery

Polly continues to improve. All cords are removed except for her IV for liquids and this afternoon they moved her out of ICU into a typical recovery room.

The left side of her head has started to swell and now her left eye is almost completed closed. According to her doctor it's common after this kind of surgery and should go down in the next few days.

Polly's spirits are high but she is getting bored. She really didn't need any pain meds today.

Someone asked how we are doing. That's a tough question b/c I am so exhausted I can't really put a thought together. I think Sergei is probably more tired than I am. He is pursuing a Masters Degree in Historical Christianity and this week he had two finals and a twenty page paper due. Not to mention a full work week at Church and a sermon to prepare. Oh, and his daughter's surgery. We are both tired. Tonight when he came up we talked for a few minutes and I left. It didn't occur to me to stay and visit, all I can think of is getting home and getting some sleep. I guess he and I will catch up next week.

The other three girls left yesterday to spend the weekend with my parents. We are very thankful for help so Sergei and I can concentrate on Polly and split up our time at the hospital. I'm doing days and Sergei comes up after a work day to spend the night with Polly.

It's working out, I think, but I do worry about Evangeline being away from both of us for a few days. She absolutely LOVES grandpa and I know they are taking great care of her. I just worry about my own bond with Evie. It's still so fragile. I'm finding it difficult to focus on all four girls right now and I hope that once Polly's home we can have a few weeks of normal (whatever that is).

Pray that our relationship with Evie won't regress during our separation. And of course, we'd love continued prayers for Polly's recovery.


  1. She looks so much better. Continued prayers!

  2. Prayers are still coming for Polly, Evie and all of you. You are all amazing!

  3. Polly looks GREAT! Still praying for a quick and complete recovery. But I had NO IDEA Sergei had so much going on!! Oh my word! Praying in a new way for the two of you . . . and Evie, too. {{hugs}}

  4. Oh she looks great Gillian. It is so good to see a smile on her face! She is in my prayers as is your family.
    And yes, I will pray for Evie and that bond. I am beginning to understand, and to see the reality of adoption just in these few days I have had with Nina.
    Hugs friend, and do get some rest.

  5. Her smile is so beautiful! Thanks for these updates, it's so great to hear how she's going. Praying that you and Sergei do get some time together soon, and that the bond with Evie only gets stronger.
    Hugs and love to you.

  6. Gillian, you and Sergei are truly my heroes. I didn't realise he had so much on this week! I'm so pleased that Polly is doing well!

    I know as a mum you will worry no matter what I say, lol, God made us that way, but when we are weak He is strong and I know He will protect your bond with Evie. Who knows, He may use this time to help her realise she misses you!

    But yes, we most definitely will cover you in prayer on this. You just rest knowing that like Moses, we are your Aaron and Hur and we will hold your arms up!

    Blessings and hugs from England!


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