Saturday, January 2, 2010

Then and Now

The picture below on the left is Elaina and Zoya in Ukraine when they were 3 and 4 1/2. It was their dedication morning at our church.

When we were in Ukraine to adopt Evie this past June and July, one of my tasks was to go through a whole lifetime of things we had quickly packed away three and a half years ago when Polly was born. I found those dresses...sizes 4T and 3T and brought them home for Evie and Polly. They wore them for our Christmas Eve service. Unfortunately I forgot to get their picture but this morning we had an impromptu photo shoot (before taking the tree down).

It wasn't perfect and Evie was in tears by the end but at least we got a few shots. I can't believe all four of my girls have now shared clothes.


  1. that is sooo neat that they all got to share those. makes is extra special!

  2. How neat they all got to share those clothes. Your girls are so cute.

  3. so special that you could get them and have pictures of all 4 of them, that is something to cherish.

  4. what beautiful dresses and of course what beautiful girls!!

  5. SOO sweet to see ALL your girls in these gorgeous outfits!


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