Sunday, April 25, 2010

Help Bring Freddie Home!

I want to help my friend Lyndi bring home Freddie! We're trying to reach 1,000 people who have $10.00. Do YOU have $10.00? We do!

Lyndi and I were in Ukraine last summer together completing adoptions. She's a great mom and I am so excited they are adding to their family again.

Freddie is in Eastern Europe right now waiting for the Shupps to come get him. Their paperwork is done and on its way but now they need to finish raising the funds! SO they figure if 1,000 people donate $10.00, they'll reach their fundraising goal. And with Internet networking, that doesn't seem TOO hard... of course if everyone donated $20.00, that would only be 500 people! Hmmm...

ANYWAY, go check out Lyndi's blog and pray about donating to help complete their family... they're waiting for Freddie to come home!

(and thanks to Renee, because, well, I stole mostly all her text for this post:). It's for a good cause, though, right?.

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