Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day always puts me in a funk

Top ten reasons why Mother's Day puts me in a funk every year...

10) I usually have to figure out flowers for the kids to give their mothers at church which doesn't seem fair.

9) I have to buy my mom a gift (I am terrible at picking out gifts so that stresses me out). And this year I wanted to get her something good because her mom died a month ago and she is grieving.

8) All my mommy friends don't seem to have butts the size of Texas, like me.

7) Around Mother's Day I usually have a freak out session on my kids because of self imposed stress, wondering if I'm a good enough mother.

6) I have to face the fact that I'm a 35 year old mother of four. Ouch.

5) Is Mother's Day always on Sunday? It feels like it is. Holidays and Sundays running together are hard.

4) I grieve for friends and family who wanted a baby this year and didn't get one.

3) (*new this year) I think about Evangeline's birth mother and it makes me sad. Sad that she didn't want Evie or sad that she did... I can't explain but it's not black and white. I know that giving up Evie had to break her heart.

2) I think about all the motherless children in the world and feel badly that some days I fantasize about going to work full-time in an effort to get away from my kids.

1) I'm afraid that someone is going to out me...that I'm not really mother material.

The good news is I'm slowly getting out of my funk, hugging my kids, and moving on to obsess about something else.


  1. Oh boy . . . I can sure relate to a lot of those:->

  2. Welcome to my world! I don't feel like I fit into the Mother's Day kind of mother category. Those mushy cards will never describe me and I feel inadequate. So relate to number 2, as well. Hugs to you!

  3. 10- no, not fair!
    9- right there with ya :(
    8- your butt is NOT the size of TX!
    7- you're a great mother, I've seen you with your kids, and you ROCK!
    6- 31 year old mother of 7, double ouch, LOL
    5- yes, and I agree, no holiday should be on a Sunday..shouldn't it be a Monday so banks are closed, like a national holiday, I think we moms deserve that!
    4- yes
    3- that's a hard one, I struggled with that this year too
    2- that means your heart is big and you are human, we all think that way. Some days, work seems easier!
    1- you ARE mother material, or Goad wouldn't have made you one 4 times, He doesn't make mistakes!

  4. This was a great post! It seems we are all in the same boat at some point in our lives. Glad to hear you are getting out of your funk!

  5. Hm, it sounds to me like you ARE mother material!

  6. Hi, I would like to get your feedback about a little girl at orphanage #12, and your experience. Thanks so much!

  7. Oh, Gillian, your honesty is always so refreshing! You speak the things most people keep to themselves. But by your open honesty, you allow people to know they aren't the only ones who feel the way they do. Your honesty brings a sort of relief. You are a special lady! Happy belated Mother's Day to a very precious mother.

  8. I so agree with you. Sunday holidays SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!! It's only in the last couple of years that I've stopped shopping for the flowers for the moms in the church, hubby finally stepped up to the plate. but ya... generally Mother's Day has never been a big deal in our household.

    This year I will be a 38 yr old mother of four. that scares the socks off of me.

    p.s. you are GREAT mother material!!! :-)



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