Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid!

This video on YouTube is hilarious and will resonate with any parent who has to sit through IEP meetings for their kids with special needs. I had the pleasure of talking to Gina Gallagher, the co-author of Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid, A Survival Guide for Ordinary Parents of Special Children, along with her sister Patricia Konjoian. The book comes out in August with Random House. Pre-order it NOW! You can also join their facebook fan page here.

Gina was delightful and she made me laugh out loud.

Laughter is great medicine... I can't wait to read this book.

Maybe I'll even have a give away for it on the blog in August. Fun!


  1. Gillian,
    You won't believe this. I found your site a few days ago on Google and posted it on our fan page. I thought it was great! Congrats and thanks for the shout out. Your family is so beautiful.

  2. Gillian, Thank you for posting that! Adam and I just laughed so hard we cried! Hilarious and definitely something that a parent that has attended an IEP can relate too:) Too funny!

  3. Very very funny..I will get the book for sure! And yours too!

  4. Hey Gillian, What a great video to post. Rob and I watched it the other night and we had a great laugh. We are pulling out of homeschooling and returning to the public system. John is going to need extra help with math and writing so we will be doing the whole IEP meetings starting in September.

    I love reading your blog. What honesty and heart felt love you express. It is all about the journey and saying YES to the Lord even when you don't think you can handle it. However, he knows you can. Kids have a way of growing us parents up and it is great to lean on the Lord for support.

    Take care.
    Melissa Feldbruegge


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