Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling the need to vacate after vacation

I woke up this morning angry, jealous and up five pounds from our vacation week. Clothes are strewn all over the house, a bra on the stairs, sweaters and long pants from the cabin are still in our large red suitcase by the front door. I stubbed my toe twice. There is something sticky on the kitchen floor.

My allergies are crazy. I sneeze my head off which makes me sweat, which makes my pants feel tight and I remember that they aren’t tight because of sneezing and sweat but because I am up five pounds because I slurped down pop last week up north like I was drinking beer at a frat party. The insides of my ears itch.

And I couldn’t find my hairspray this morning so my hair is flat.


All I really want to do is sit quietly and still in a cool room, say 74 degrees. I want to sip coffee and let my mind wander. Think what I want to think, push away thoughts about church stuff and my moms group and the memoir I’m working on and the fact that I haven’t made an effort to potty train my four and a half year old yet.

Here are a few things I learned last week on vacation:

1) to some, beer really is a food group
2) Sharing a cabin on a lake with sixteen family members is um, tight, but fun
3) Vacation isn’t vacation for people who have children
4) Although, I do have really great kids
5) An original sibling group of 13 who meet twice a year and every five years for a week long reunion, camping for over 200 people, is amazing
6) Mosquitoes really like blood
7) My husband is a good driver
8) I am thankful we were able to go on vacation. No, really, I am

Sometimes I can be an un-thankful scab. But hey, so can you.


  1. I love this! Your honesty in all sorts of life circumstances is a refreshing piece of my life.

  2. I hear ya sister... and no, vacation with kids really shouldn't be called vacation :)

  3. A vacation with kids isn't a vacation. Exactly! I'm content to stay at home this year; Chris wants to go somewhere. They are so much better contained here. See how quickly I can descend into ungrateful scab-hood, too.

  4. I always say a family vacation is taking my life, moving it somewhere else, and making it 3 times as hard. And re-entry is always a bear! Hang in there! You are making memories and building the family unit in those times.

  5. You're hilarious! We've never met, but I really like you!

  6. This could have been my blog post. I felt the same way when we recently returned from vacation and am also facing the daunting task of potty training a four and half year old. It felt so good to hear my thoughts echoed from someone else.

  7. Sometimes I think you and I have to have been separated at birth. And then I realize upon reading your comments that everyone feels this way. Only you SAY it. ;)

    Preach it sister.


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