Friday, October 29, 2010

Evangeline's birthday party pictures

Evangeline's fourth birthday was a weighty day for me. Whenever I talk to people about our adoption journey I usually end up telling them about kids being transferred to institutions after they turn four years old. I tell them about children who are transferred who don't survive the first few years. There are kids who have died in institutions because of the lack of love and affection, or because of a common cold that turns deadly without medical care.

Evie was one of those kids determined to be transferred to an institution. But instead, on her fourth birthday, she was surrounded by family who loves her. We had laughter and presents and cupcakes.

Evangeline is still more interested in the wrapping paper and bags.

She wasn't real sure of the cupcake at first.

She loved the dancing part of the evening, though.

The gang: Evie, Zoya, Elaina, Polly, Mike (Karli's friend), and my niece Karli.

Evie's sisters helped her with the presents and cards :).

Polly showed Evie how to properly eat a cupcake.

Party down!

Blow out your candle!
This is improvement.
Last year she screamed bloody murder when she saw the candles.

OK, yea, I like cupcakes.

I'm happy!

Our Ukrainian birthday cake song.
It's a family tradition to sing and do the dance.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you.

Today I read on facebook that a little boy waiting for his family to come get him through Reece's Rainbow was transferred to an institution. They don't know where. Please pray that this sweet family can still adopt him.

Go to Reece's Rainbow for more information about adopting kids with Down syndrome. If you can't adopt, you can pray, or give financially or pick a kid and fundraise for him.


  1. during the Ukranian party song, according to the picture, Evie is "raising the roof" which tells me that this was quite the party (of which I was not invited) and it also appears that my bff is not wearing pants, so I have many questions regarding this party...

  2. oh what fun it was! love this celebration of LIFE! awesome! grace

  3. Beautiful Gillian! Love all the pics and all the blessings I got reading that! =)

  4. aww love the party pictures! looks like she loves her family.. she is so blessed!


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