Saturday, October 2, 2010


Through out the month of October I will pick random days to tell you a few things about Polly and Evie.

Here are five things I love about Polly:

1) She is compassionate. If anyone in our family is upset and she is around, she is near the person, hugging him or her.

2) She sings along at the top of her lungs to worship songs.

3) The first word she ever spoke (I think) was Amen.

4) She has a deep belly laugh.

5) Polly is doing very well with her speech. A Polly conversation from the other day:

Polly: Caillou's friend hurt his toe.
Me: He did? Did he go to the hospital?
Polly: Yes, he went to the hospital.
Me: Polly, have you been in the hospital?
Polly: Yes.
Me: Did you have a boo boo?
Polly: Yes, I had a boo boo.
Me: Where was your boo boo?
Polly: On my head.

We're coming up to a year. Polly had her stroke last October. She is doing so well and has made a full recovery. I am very thankful.


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