Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reece's Rainbow's 2010 Christmas Angel Tree

A great way to give this year as we had into the holiday season is to pick a little one with Down syndrome from Reece's Rainbow and participate in the angel tree project.

Reece's Rainbow's website explains it all so much better than I could. (The following is taken from Reece's Rainbow)

Our 5th Annual Christmas Angel Tree
Running from November 1-December 31 each year, the Christmas Angel Tree is our most important fundraiser of every year.

During this time, all of our children with Down syndrome from ages 0-5 are openly listed on one page and eligible for grant donations. Each child has a Christmas WARRIOR who has a blog button for their chosen child and provides a focused fundraising effort for that one child throughout the project. Children can have multiple warriors, but we work hard to ensure that each child has at least ONE prior to the launch of the project. As a donor, you can make a larger donation for one child, or smaller donations for many children. Every penny helps!

The goal is to raise $1000 or more for each of our nearly (200) waiting children with Down syndrome. Through the focused efforts of our generous donors and Christmas Warriors, we know we can reach it!

This is also a very personal and meaningful GIFT IDEA, and gift cards will be sent with the ornament to your intended recipient. These are great for friends and family, but also for teachers, therapists, caregivers, doctors, etc. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, our gift cards make wonderful gifts for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other seasonal celebration. We also welcome international sponsors through Paypal!

You can choose to make a larger donation for one child, or smaller donations for several children. $5 of your donation for each ornament desired will be shared with our Voice of Hope Fund, to help cover the costs of the ornaments, shipping, and Paypal fees, and to further the work of our ministry in the future.

Reece’s Rainbow is a true non-profit, and relies completely on private donations to this fund to remain operational, so your gifts for that are greatly appreciated throughout the year.

With a nearly 90% prenatal termination rate of our angels with Down syndrome here in the United States, it is our HONOR and OBLIGATION to rescue those who were blessed enough to be born.

On November 1, a new link will appear on this page for our Angel Tree Sponsor Page, where each of the children will be posted and eligible for Christmas grant donations.

If you have any questions or ideas on how you can help, please contact us! When you donate $35 or more for a child, you will receive a beautiful photo ornament (WHEN DONATION MADE BEFORE DECEMBER 15!) of your sponsored child to hang on your tree! This is a very special way to “share Christmas” with an orphaned child, and to make it possible for other families to afford the high cost of rescuing them from orphanages and mental institutions around the world!

I am going to go sign up to be a Christmas Warrior. How about you? Reece's Rainbow connected us to Evangeline... let's help other kids find families!

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