Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Feature: A word picture of acceptance, by Marlene

Big thanks to my friend Marlene for being this week's Friday Feature guest blogger!

Hi, I’m Marlene. I’m not a blogger. I AM a fan of Gillian. And I love to share my life with my daughter with others, hoping to show, little by little, that life with Down syndrome is better than you might think!

My 7 year old daughter, Aleena, is our one and only, born to us 2 months before our 15th wedding anniversary after years of infertility. I found out at her birth that she had Ds. I struggled. A LOT with that diagnosis - especially after so many years of infertility. But, I was so blessed to find a community of parents online who all have a child/children with Down syndrome. They showed me the beauty, hope and promise of this new world. That has made all the difference and now I share the beauty, hope and promise of my world with others.

Aleena is going into 2nd grade this fall. She goes to our local elementary and is in the regular ed class with a one/one aide. Inclusion is very important to me. I worried, though, how she would be accepted by her classmates. During a visit to school this past June, I was out on the playground chatting with the teachers. I just happened to catch this beautiful moment – unfortunately I did not get a picture, but I’ll paint the picture for you with words.

Two little girls, walking arm in arm across an empty portion of the playground.

Two little girls, somehow dressed exactly alike, wearing bright pink t-shirts and denim shorts to the knees.

Two little girls, arm in arm.

One with black hair, one with blonde.

One black arm, one white arm.

One typical little girl, one little girl with disabilities.

Walking arm in arm to the jungle gym.

What a beautiful Moment.

A picture of Friendship.

A picture of Acceptance.

Beautiful in so many ways.

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