Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It came and went

I just looked at the calendar this morning and realized that Polly's stroke date, October 17th, came and went this year. It's been two years since she had a stroke and was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease and underwent two brain surgeries to combat Moyamoya's nasty artery thinning abilities.

 Polly after her first brain surgery for Moyamoya in December of '09

Last year, my body sensed the date coming. All that week I walked around the house with my shoulders pressed upwards towards my ears from stress. This year, instead, I've been thinking about querying agents for the book I wrote about Polly, and about Evie's birthday coming up, and about buying candy for the weekend and catching up on laundry.

I didn't think about the stroke day. Not once.

Moyamoya will always be a part of our lives. Another stroke could pop up at any time.

But I am so thankful that Polly is here, today, stroke free, probably raising cane right now in her mainstreamed kindergarten class.

I'm thankful for her health and that at least this year, October 17th was just another date on the calendar.

Polly this year on her first day of Kindergarten


  1. wow! I can't believe it has been 2 years already. I'm so glad it was just another day for you :).

    Love Polly's first day picture :)

  2. Such wonderful news. Your babes are precious. xo

  3. Oh, the goodness of God! Some anniversaries are to be celebrated. I think this celebration is completely appropriate- being able to celebrate health, by forgetting the actual day! Polly is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Polly looks like she is rockin it at kindergarten. Glad you had zero stress thia year and are able to just enjoy the crazy life. :)

  5. Praise God for her health. So glad you were able to have peace through such a traumatic anniversary. She is so adorable!


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