Monday, December 5, 2011

The tree is up, begrudgingly

 Mom! Leave us alone!

Yea, Mom, whatever.

Zo was having fun!

 Polly made fast friends with the army of Nutcrackers.

 Dirty Face Evie! I think she had a cookie!

 Every Angle and Mary I own for Christmas has a broken arm or hand. I feel a blog post coming on!

 My kids love doing the Advent Calendar and reading this beautiful Advent Book 
(all original artwork. Check it out here.)

 No chimney at our house. The Stockings were hung on the woodwork with care...

Sergei was finally able to hang a few ornaments after messing with the lights on the, um, pre-light tree.

When we finally got to decorating for Christmas this year, two out of four kids were in bad moods and ended up in their bedrooms. Everything went up in just over an hour in the midst of fussing and frustration and when we were finished, although I am not much of a liquor girl, I was looking around for a mixed drink.

We didn't make perfect family memories this year decorating, but I did catch Zoya and Polly playing with the winter village, and Evie liked the Christmas music as long as it wasn't too loud,  and Elaina, who is 11 turning 23, had a faint smile on her face for a second or two at some point, that is until she noticed that I noticed. Ha!


  1. I did a clip art tree, a plant with lights on it, and then promptly got drunk, because it was so depressing. You did good, friend.

  2. Ooh, sorry the night wasn't 'magical' the way we always hope. But it sounds like a little of the joy of Christmas is creeping in! Hope it gets better!

  3. Looks so pretty, even if they weren't into it! We still haven't decorated! *sigh*


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