Monday, January 23, 2012

Keep Pocket Lint?

I am debating whether or not to discontinue Pocket Lint and only publish blog posts on from now on.

The thing is, I love this place, even though I am an erratic poster.

So, what's your vote? Keep posting both places or say goodbye to Pocket Lint?


  1. I read them both, so my vote is for either. Such a helpful answer, I know.

  2. I'd follow where ever you are but I personally do not have the time or energy to keep 2 blogs so if it were me I'd combine. There are some people who keep 2 blogs successfully though....I'm just not that good!

  3. I am new here so I don't think my opinion matters too much. If you do change over to the other blog please let us know so I can follow you there as well.

    I did leave you a question on your last post...I was wondering if you still use your prayer button for Polly because if you do I would like to place it on my blog as I have a prayer blog.


  4. I love Pocket Lint. I subscribe on google reader like a lot of people, so I know and read whenever you post. Erratic is understandable!

  5. I must say I can't quite tell what the difference is between the two blogs - one is more your website, right? I feel Pocket Lint has more personality, more spunk. Not that the other site isn't nice. It really depends on what your goal is for each, but even if they are different, it will streamline your life to merge the two into one blog and parcel out different topics to different days of the week, if you so desire.

  6. Good points, everyone!

    Erin, I can't seem to post regurlarly on either :).

    Child of God, I emailed you but I don't think you got it. We do not have a prayer button for Polly anymore. We had it in 2009/2010 when she was going through two brain surgeries for Moyamoya disease. Not to say that she still doesn't need prayer :).

    Annette, great suggestions. Part of me thinks it will be nice to post more family oriented things on Pocket Lint and keep the website more professional. Either way, I need to set clear goals regarding blogging and stick to it. Not proving to be an easy task for me.

  7. Ask your writer friends Gillian! And I mean the real ones, not the ones like me ;) In my writing class we have been talking a lot about blogging and its essence as a writer. Either way, for as long as you keep blogging, you are fine! I will read regardless. And I just learned that you should aim to blog once a week. No less, you can do more if you have the time.

  8. Keep Pocket Lint, Gillian! :-)



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