Sunday, December 13, 2009

The In Crowd

When Evangeline first came home to us almost five months ago she didn't want anything to do with her sisters. Generally if the family was doing something together Evie would be found off to the side, in another room, away, rocking or even sometimes hitting her head against a hard surface.

Over time her tolerance of family time has grown. Sometimes she'd sit to the side, not really with us but close...still unconnected. After a while she'd even join in on a tickle fest or another family activity...then get overstimulated and find a quiet place to hide.

Tonight after Evie finished eating her dinner, instead of walking into the living room to be on her own she climbed up into a free chair in the kitchen and hung with the group. When everyone was finished she got down on her chair and followed them into the living room.

It was a wonderful sight to see! God willing, with time she will be more and more engaged with her sisters and our family.

Elaina, Zoya and Polly always make sure they include Evie (whether she wants to be included or not :). With them, Evie's been in the 'IN' crowd since the day they met her. I'm so thankful that Evangeline has sisters. They love her so!


  1. It's such an amazing experience for all of them. The older ones are so loving and nurturing and the younger ones are so enveloped in all the love around them. Beautiful.

  2. Progress. Slowly but surely, progress. I'm so glad for you all.

  3. THAT is sweet sweet progress! I'm so glad she has such a wonderful family to love her :)

  4. Can feel the love from here - what wonderful girls! We miss them.

  5. it will be a wonderful christmas for all of you. she is so lucky to have all of you and you are lucky to have her. and god has wrapped his protective arms around all of you. many blessings always.

  6. Sounds like your butterfly is coming out of her cocoon, all she needed was the patience, love and support of her family! So happy for you all.


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