Friday, January 15, 2010

Evie's EEG, Polly's insurance, Elaina's night terror and my sanity

It's been a couple busy weeks.

Last week we had four doctors appointments; Polly saw her neurosurgeon and got her stitches out, Elaina went to the allergist, Zoya needed her second H1N1 flu mist and on Friday Evie had an early morning EEG to check for possible seizure activity.

Evie does this thing where she clenches her arms up by her head and rolls her eyes back. She does it about five or six times a day. Even though these episodes could be behavioral we decided to check it out. We don't have a conclusive medical history for Evangeline and we haven't seen that much cognitive gain with her. I'd just hate for there to be something going on that can greatly alter her potential and not have followed up on it. So on Thursday I kept Evie up until midnight and then Sergei woke her up at 4am. They want her to be sleep deprived for the test.

Of course, she didn't fall asleep during the test at 7:15 am at the hospital even though the sweet tech and I did all our tricks to get her to snooze.

We received the results a couple of days ago which were normal (and that needs to be taken with a grain of salt b/c she didn't sleep). Our pediatrician wants us to get in with neurology and see what they have to say about the test and about Evie's behavior. So we'll see what we are doing with all that...

Elaina is not allergic to anything. We spent almost three hours at the allergist to obtain this information. After our trip to Ukraine this summer to adopt Evie (she stayed with me in Kiev for seven weeks), Elaina has complained of fatigue. Her glands in her neck are swollen a lot and she has bags under her eyes. Her ped treated her for a sinus infection with an antibiotic for ten days but it didn't help. She also had a full bloodwork up done and everything came back normal. So we were referred to an allergist and an ENT.

A couple weeks ago Lainie started having trouble falling asleep, which at times has escalated into two hours of screaming at the top of her lungs. She's nine years old and personality wise, is quite high strung and emotional. She's also compassionate, smart, helpful and happy most of the time. We've done back rubs and hot baths, tea, later bedtime but nothing seems to help. She can't fall asleep and she gets so frustrated...poor thing. Today we go to the ENT to see what he has to say about her glands. If anyone has any other suggestion to help Lainie, let me know.

So that was last week.

This week we've been on the phone with our primary insurance. They contacted us in the beginning of the week to let us know that Polly had reached her lifetime limit with her policy (read, they won't pay for anything else). Nice. And she has her second brain surgery for Moyamoya next week. Recently our insurance had to change to a lesser plan b/c we still are insured with our mission that sent us to Ukraine but support keeps dropping. This insurance is strictly medical and has a cap.

But Sergei and I thought it would get us through these surgeries as we figure out what to do next.

I guess not.

The good news is Polly does have secondary insurance through Illinois ALL KIDS and it's been confirmed that they will pay the claims if our primary declines. Ugh. So after phone tag and worry I think we are still on for Polly's surgery next Thursday, January 21.

At least Zoya got her 2nd flu mist without incident. That's something.

With all this going on I get overwhelmed pretty much every day. And then I hear about something like Haiti and it all gets put into perspective.

My friend Mel said something profound Wednesday night at home group. She said that you may not remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday but you know you were fed.

In busy times like this I may not comprehend everything that is going on in our family and I may not be getting things completed, I may not be praying enough, or paying attention to all four kids equally or folding laundry and getting it put away in drawers. But I know we are being provided for, that God cares and that we are doing alright.

I know we're fed.


  1. oh gillian you write so beautifully.. i'll continue to pray for you and the family, and of course know we are just a few doors away if you ever need anything at all (even in the middle of the night). xoxo

  2. gillian. i really like reading your blog. praying for you and your sweet family.

  3. Those last words are so profound and so true. Praying for you guys!

  4. Even though you're all fed and safe, it's still a lot of stress. It's okay to feel it and need to put it out there for prayer. =) Love and prayers.

  5. Lainie not able to go to sleep or is she waking up after she falls asleep? We have several kids in our family that have had sleep walking or night terrors and you would swear they are awake. My sister in law went to a sleep specialist in Chicago and after a long set of tests they recommended very strict bedtime rituals. No eating after 8, no electronics (stimulation) (tv, games, etc) after 7 and then going to bed at exactly the same time each night. You may just want to try something like this. I will check with a couple other folks who I know at The Chapel who have gone through this same thing. I'll get back to you...

  6. Your final comments brought tears to my eyes. Amen and amen.

  7. I love you all, I'm so sorry it's so stressful. I try to look at it this way, when God stops throwing curve balls at you, that's when you need to worry, so long as he cares enough to force you to rely on him, everything will be ok!

    I thank God for your family, and all you have meant in my life.

    God Bless you and your family!


  8. All I can say is someone better damn well be cutting up your food!

    I wish it was ME!

  9. Just to let you know Krista stuggled with sleep issues at that age also. 9 years old and she never thought she would sleep again. Talking with several parents of girls it's not uncommon for this to happen. Hormomes play a bit part of it. We also went through the stomaches all the time too at that age.

  10. Continuing to pray for you guys. Kassidy had night terrors as a baby... and Kameron is struggling with nightmares now at 8 years old, but his are just getting to sleep. Once he's asleep he's ok. With Kass they told us she would outgrow it and she did. Maybe Elaina will too? SO glad Polly has backup insurance!! I'm praying hard for peace for you, specifically! I love you my friend!

  11. Glad to hear the EEG went well. Hope you figure out what the cause is.

    Lifetime insurance limit?! My heart sunk when I just read that! Glad she has secondary insurance ... whew. Praying for her!

  12. Beautifully written as usual. You are all on my mind.

  13. I'm so glad I found your new blog.... you know how much I love your writing. I'm sorry to hear about all the medical issues. Your family is in our prayers.

  14. You guys have so much on your plate, and I am praying for you! Wish we lived closer to help in a physical way, but we are praying earnestly. Big Hugs!

  15. Thinking of and praying for you...

  16. Here, here, more prayers. You are indeed fed but I wouldn't be such a trooper in your shoes. I'd be a mess! Hang in there.


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