Thursday, January 28, 2010

We have lift off

I'm sitting in the surgery waiting room at Children's Memorial Hospital. Polly has been in surgery for a little over an hour and a half. The whole procedure should be about three hours. After we saw Polly off Sergei and I got some lunch in the cafeteria. I always stare at other seemingly parents and wonder what their kids are in for. I can't help it.

When you hand your child over for a major surgery (or any surgery, for that matter) it's like lifting off in an airplane. Things are completely out of your control and as a mother you've just got to breathe out a prayer and trust the pilot.

I did ask Polly's neurosurgeon this morning when he stopped in to see us if he had a good night's sleep.

Apparently he did.

Will update later.


  1. thanks for the update, gill! glad to hear the doctor is well rested. :) continuing to pray...

  2. I came over here from Barb Holm's blog. I will be praying for Polly. I also read your bio. Our daugther is at Moody and our son graduated from there this past spring with a degree in Evang. and Discipleship. He wants to be a church planter. Plus I grew up in the NW corner of Ind. So just wanted you to know that I will be praying for your family.

  3. Praying right now for a speedy recovery.


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