Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surgery at 1:30pm

Polly's second surgery for Moyamoya is today at 1:30pm.

Please be praying and I'll update later tonight.



  1. Praying for Polly today that her surgery goes well and that the recovery is smooth.


  2. Polly is just about ready to go into surgery now. It's almost time to hand her over. you're anxious, and tired of waiting, but also reluctant. Its a terrible feeling for a parent to have. So out of control. Putting 100% of your faith in God that everything goes as it should. May you feel his comforting touch right this moment, and feel at peace...Hang on to that one last pre-surgery smile from Polly. Hold it in your heart. It's a smile directly from God to you.

  3. Gillian, you, Polly and the whole family are in my prayers. Sending you hugs!


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