Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good news for Polly

Today Polly and I went for her follow-up quick MRI and to see her Neurosurgeon.

We waited for almost an hour and a half for an MRI that lasted three minutes. But it was worth the wait. Her surgeon said everything looks good, there's no extra fluid and she is healing nicely. In six months we go back to Dr. Alden for a check-up and for another quick MRI and neck x-rays. At that time they'll decide to do another angiogram or wait a few more months. The angiogram will either prove or disprove new blood flow created by these surgeries.

So as it stands, Polly still has Moyamoya and she always will. Yes, she is staying on seizure meds and aspirin and yes, we are always on the look out for stroke and seizure activity. But, God willing, new blood flow can organically start anytime and our prayer is that it's sooner than later and that our girl won't have to struggle through any more episodes.

Please pray for Polly as she comes to mind, for new blood (not having anything to do with the Vampire rage these days).

We also have to keep Polly away from any major activities for the next three months as she heals (like, downhill sledding).

Between the MRI and the doctor appointment Polly and I had time for a quick lunch together at a cafe. Polly munched on chips and french fries (healthy, I know!) and gulped down juice. We talked about the snow and about the possibility of some snowman action this weekend. She babbled on about Evie and Lainie and Zoya and I smiled. A lot.

It was our first Mommy/daughter date. She was excited to do something with me on her own like Elaina and Zoya.

My heart is full.


  1. My heart is full for you, both for the enormity of the miracle that is Polly's health and for the simplicity in a Mommy-Daughter date...because if we're all being honest, isn't that the thing we mourned most?

  2. Wonderful news, Gillian. So happy for you!

  3. So happy to hear a good report from the doctor! Glad you enjoyed your lunch date too, I LOVE those moments with my children as's great when they get to the age where they want that!

  4. Such good news today! So glad you got to have some nice mommy-daughter time just with Polly:->

  5. That is wonderful news. PTL!!! Hugs and continued prayers

  6. Praise God for the good report for Polly!! You are all in our prayers!

  7. Aww, continuing to pray for Polly!

  8. Yay, so happy Polly is well and getting more well.


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