Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'Retard' HURTS!

Today thousands of people are going here to pledge NOT to use the word 'retard(ed).'

On behalf of Polina and Evangeline and other individuals with intellectual disabilities I took two minutes (if that) and made my pledge. You don't have to give your email or sign up for a newsletter. You simply sign your name and city and state.

The word 'retard' is demeaning. I know a lot of people use it without thinking of an actual person, it's a habit, it's slang, whatever. It's still wrong.

When Polly walks into a room she lights the whole place up. In my minds eye I can see her light fading a bit every time someone uses the word 'retard.' At some point she's going to realize that because of her extra chromosome people think it's OK and fun to diminish her place in this world, basically to make themselves feel better.

I want Polly and Evie to shine bright. Please spread the word END the word.

Will you pledge? Do it for Polly and Evie.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Gillian! I'll do it now.

  2. Can I copy your blog and post it on ours - your words are just right!


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