Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writing, reading, yoga and friends

So... maybe a few of you have noticed my absence here recently. Although you're probably not frequenting this blog as much if there aren't new posts. It's all quite cyclical, isn't it?

Someone on facebook asked me about the lack of new posts. Besides the fact that it feels good not to have to post about adoption paperwork and pending brain surgeries, the answer is quite startling (at least to me). I've actually been been busy doing things in real life. I know. Altogether surprising! It's been at least four years (coincidentally, Polly will be four years old next month)since I've been involved in structured, out of the house, non-mommy (but really, can one escape?) activities.

On Monday nights I go to a yoga class at Hamlin Park down the street from our house. I was afraid of what the class would be like, envisioning that $40 for three and a half months would land me in a cold gym with a 'yoga' instructor named Butch, in sweat pants that need to give just a tad more, barking out orders for everyone to find their downward dog.

Pleasantly, the class is taught by someone who seems to know how to teach yoga and we meet in a theatre room transformed with a padded surface, warm lighting and floor heaters. I usually get a place near a woman I've deemed 'the Darth Vader of yoga.' She breathes in and out so heartily, at first it was annoying. Then I realized she's actually relaxing, something I need to work on. Upon this discovery I've become her rebel soldier, learning from the master how to breathe deep.

On Thursday nights I go to to The Writer's Loft, a writer's workshop just minutes from my house. It's been wonderful to learn more about story craft. I always change my shirt right before leaving the house, insuring there won't be any left over dinner fed to the girls or spit up on my writer alter-ego. I try to act very non-motherish in class but it's a challenge. The first week there weren't enough chairs for everyone. It worried me greatly. I kept offering my place to a paper thin woman on the floor in front of me, practically threatening her at the break to PLEASE TAKE MY SEAT. This young woman did not come back the next week but it can't have anything to do with me, right?

Then last week someone left a credit card in the bathroom. That would not do. I went around the group asking whose card it was until I found the owner. I think now everyone there knows I'm a mom. If there is only one tea bag left during break I'll go without.

The class inspires me to make more of a priority to write. I'm working, once again, on Polly's project, a story (if I ever finish) about Polly's birth in Ukraine etc. I'm also playing with a short story (well, it's short for now but may morph into something else, I'm just the person holding the pen) about a middle-aged man grieving the loss of his marriage and family after his daughter dies. Happy stuff, I tell you.

And then there's the absence of television during Lent which allows plenty of time to read and hang out with family and friends. I am meeting a friend tomorrow and some more people on Thursday. Last night my friend Amy from church came over for a few hours. It's been very good for me. Very mind opening, I feel like I'm engaged more day to day. (and yes, I'll probably resume my television stupor on Easter right after the celebratory service).


  1. Good for you!! Have you ever read "Taking care of the me in mommy?" If not its good. Inspiring to take care of the person who takes care of everyone else. :)

    I've been wondering lately if its possible to rebuild back lost brain cells from mommy-dom. If you find your self a little more quick whitted from Gillian-time, I wanna hear about it! ;)

  2. You're so right about not posting = no readers. :-( I'm trying to keep up a bit more myself. But I also find that I have to really spend a lot of time reading other people's blogs, too. Which I thoroughly enjoy doing, but have difficulty finding the time.
    Anyway, just found your blog through Facebook! My daughter's turning 4 in May. They're such a great age right now, aren't they?? :-)

  3. Glad you're getting some fun time for you! It's just as important as being mom! luv ya!

  4. Oh I remember you writing about Polly 2 years ago during October. It was wonderful! I would check every day!

  5. I was just going to ask you about your writing class. And Yoga, too! That is wonderful.


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