Monday, September 27, 2010

We're doing attachment therapy!

A few months ago Evangeline was evaluated at the Erikson Institute here in Chicago. They tested her development and paid close attention to some of her behaviors that made me suspect she was somewhere on the autism spectrum along with having Down syndrome.

Evie averaged out developmentally at a ten month old level in most areas. Except for speech. She's four months there. But we were delighted when their conclusions, for now, were that Evie does not have a dual diagnosis.

I found the evaluation process at Erikson very beneficial to me. It was during that time that I saw clearly how far my daughter has come.

While we were at Erikson I was able to share my frustration with bonding. That has been a trying area for both Evie and me.

A couple weeks ago I received a call from Erickson. A therapist wanted to know if we'd like to meet to work on attachment issues. Ummm... yeah!

And amazingly, it's a sliding scale there so for us each session is just $10. Thank you God.

So Evie and I went today and met the therapist we'll be working with for a while.

Today was just talking. Next week we play!

I have to admit, I'm nervous. Even walking into Erikson today I started to get anxious. I know I've made some mistakes with Evie. And I know it's way too easy for me to look over what we need to do to bond with other kids, writing, church, my moms group, etc...

These sessions are going to force me to carve out some time to work on my relationship with my youngest daughter.

I think it's been handed to me from God as a gift. A much needed gift.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you both!! xo

  2. I think any 'mistake' you've made is more than outweighed by your love and commitment. I'm not just saying that, either,

  3. I really like the Erickson Institute. I am sure you will have some wonderful experiences with them as well as with Evie. She has come a long way and I am sure this will be great for her and you too.

  4. I totally agree with Michele. None of us is a perfect parent. The fact that you are so willing, and transparent about it, speaks volumes of your deep love for Evie.

  5. I'm anxious to hear more about the therapy! Good luck. You know God has His reasons for everything! Evie seemed a little more distant right from the beginning. Don't blame yourself!

  6. I just 'met' you but feel like I know you. We are trying to adopt (another delay today) 2 children with attachment issue. We have been through therapy and still learn what we can and are trying to teach other parents what we have learned.

    It is a long road that is as much about learning of ourselves as it is about our children.

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  8. thats so awesome!! can't wait to hear how it all works!

  9. So happy that you've found this avenue of therapy/support! God indeed sends the right people at the right times in our lives and I know that this is exactly the case for you and Evie and your family!
    I'm a good friend of your sister Amy, and a member of her church as well. I've been learning, being inspired and enjoying your posts for many months. My prayers are with you all daily, and I know God will work out all the details!


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