Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cornish family and their amazing adoption story

My friend Meredith and her husband Michael have put together a video chronicling their adoption process. This family puts their yes on the table for God. They take seriously the Biblical mandate to care of widows and orphans.

I met Meredith through on-line Down syndrome support sites and later she was instrumental in her work with Reece's Rainbow in helping us bring Evangeline home.

Check out this video. Pray for these guys. Give towards their financial needs if you can.

Also, 'Wesley' in their video is a little guy from Evie's groupa in her baby house. When we were there last summer we were able to get information and pictures of three kids with special needs to Reece's Rainbow.

The other two children are already adopted and home with loving families. It's Wesley's turn next. Makes me want to cry.
What a story.

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