Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some of my favorite books about Down syndrome

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. Great fiction! Click on the book picture to get to Amazon to buy a copy :).
Jewel by Bret Lott. I read this book in Ukraine when I was pregnant with Polly. I didn't know she had Down syndrome. The book is fiction, about a woman in the backwoods of Mississippi. Her last child was born with Down syndrome. It is a wonderful read.
A friend in the Down syndrome community :). Jennifer Graf Groenberg wrote a beautiful book called Roadmap to Holland. Check it out!
Expecting Adam by Martha Beck. Another true story. Phenomenal writing.

What are your favorite reads about Down syndrome?


  1. It's interesting that I have read all those books (except Road Map to Holland) and now find myself fostering a child who has Down Syndrome. Of course, I have also read your journey with your daugthers.
    Sometimes God has a way of preparing us for His purposes, doesn't He?

  2. I read the Memory Keepers Daughter... it is such a good book. I will have to check out the others.

  3. There is one by Karen Kingsbury called Just Beyond the Clouds that is really good! I also just checked one out of the Library called The Year My Son and I Were Born that looks good too.

  4. mmmm i have read all of these... they are all great!!!! they all are great on their own special way, just like our kids!

  5. The Memories Keeper's Daughter is one I have heard the most about!!


  6. I also loved The Memory Keeper's Daughter! I've been wanting to read Expecting Adam for quite some time now.


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