Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks giving

Thanksgiving week. In the midst of my burrowing through this tiny bout of depression I've come up against, this morning I experience a reprieve.

God brings to mind the many things for which I am thankful.

Why is it that the more we have the less thankful we are? I, particularly, am guilty of this. How very sad.

Today Polly's healthy. Evie gives us hugs. Elaina asks thoughtful questions about faith. Zoya helps her sisters without prompting. We have a big, warm house, one that can fit an extra person or two if need be. I bought a really good pair of tweezers at Walgreen's. I've never gone a day hungry. I went on a date with my husband. We are in love. We laugh. I have friends. My Christmas shopping is finished. Someone gave us a free turkey. My parents and sister live only two hours away. Proximity to them was something I had given up on in Ukraine. I love our church.

And I've been gifted with faith through God's grace.


  1. God is Good! All the time! He's the God of the sunshine AND the shadows! Praise the Lord that these words came to mind this morning...now, go out and do something for someone else! :) love ya...grace

  2. a good pair of tweezers is priceless...

    I love your list.

  3. You FINISHED your Christmas shopping???!!!!!!

  4. Such great things to be grateful for! We do serve a great God!

  5. Done with shopping before December starts....You are good


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