Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is up.

The kids had fun decorating tonight for our first calendar day of December. The season of Advent. A time of anticipation. Who would have thought? A Savior is born!

We all took turns attempting to place the star on the top of the tree but none of us came close. Then we watched as Sergei straightened the tree topper and all got to work without hooks and bulbs. We laughed, we listened to Amy Grant's Christmas CD. What fun.

There are globs of ornaments here and there on the tree. A homemade snowman and a couple golden bulbs. Red sleds and the girls' class ornaments from last year all clustered together.

Sitting here tonight in the midst of the twinkle my first inclination was to get up and spread out the decorations, to make the tree more cohesive and more to the tastes of Martha Stewart. No, I shouldn't do that. The tree is a master piece the way it is. It's how my girls decorated it. The tree represents the magic of Christmas. The fun of family tradition. The glistening soften of white lights, some how making everyone a bit happier. Snow falls outside and I have to admit, I shed a tear or two of thanks giving. We all are getting over strep throat and colds, but compared to strokes and brain surgeries, we'll take it.

Last year while we decorated the tree, Evie stayed away. The lights and activities spooked her. I tried to get her involved. I picked her up last year but she didn't want me. This year, she followed me around with her arms raised. I took her and she was content just being with her momma and papa and sisters.

I have to admit though. In the midst of the quiet night and the twinkling lights and the satisfaction and thankfulness in knowing all four girls are tucked into bed and asleep, I did get up and move around just a couple ornaments.

What can I say? The tree looks much better now :).

Happy Advent, everyone. Slow down and enjoy the anticipation and the sparkle.


  1. Your post made me smile. I too, have stood in front of my 'family decorated' tree and wondered if I should move this one or that one. :) But like you said, it's already perfect! And besides, Martha Stewart never comes to my house anyway!


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