Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here's a little update on me.

Firstly, I need to write that I am feeling better emotionally. Case in point. Most days I get out of bed and shower. I've been seen cleaning and organizing things in the home. My kids make me laugh.

I am still going to a doctor once a week for my depression. I am taking a new anti-depressant too. A friend of mine said that she was leery of medication for her moods due to possible side effects. I think that everyone in the Marchenko house agrees that there are far more dangerous side effects to the lives of all involved if mama ain't happy 'round here. Seriously, though, I am not someone who always needs to be on meds. But when I need them, I need them. And I thank God for his provision and care through them.

Secondly, I not only made it through the holiday season but I actually experienced quite a bit of peace. I found moments here and there to ponder Jesus, the Christ child. The kids had fun doing their daily advent calendar and activities and our church was able to put on a little nativity play for the first time this year (since we've been there at least). All good things that pointed us more towards God during the holiday season.

Thirdly, writing... well, it's not going so well. It is difficult to write when you are having trouble completing thoughts. But I do feel myself coming out of it. I am finding more of a drive to get words down on the page. I am also becoming keenly aware that my future has to do with writing. I'll let you know how that plays out.

Serg and kids and church and everything else seem to be doing well, too. I'll be sure to update more on them soon.


  1. meds are a good thing when they help :)


  2. I also find it very hard to write during low points. Good for you for seeking help when you knew you needed it. I knew I needed it as well and it helped SO much. You will get there. HUGS.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful post. You said it perfectly. When you need meds, you need them; and taking care of yourself blesses your whole family.

  4. I'm so glad things are a little lighter for you, Gillian. The meds will help, and it's so important to know when you need them. Don't worry about the writing; it will come again soon. Thinking of you and sending peaceful, happy thoughts your way.

  5. Thanks for the update. So glad you're feeling better.

  6. So happy you are feeling better! I am too.... And in this season of my life, meds are a blessing! Have you also heard about Deplin? Expensive folic acide that helps meds work better. I noticed an improvement right away. Just thought I would share in case you want to ask about it. Love, Paula


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