Monday, January 3, 2011

The winner of Bittersweet...

is Sarah! I am so excited she won. This is the comment she left last week for the contest:

I have been pregnant six times, lost three to early miscarriage and one to a developmental defect at 22 weeks. The two we have bring so much joy, yet the due dates can't pass without the bite of disappointed dreams. Each time someone comments that we have our girl and our boy and are we done. I am struck again that while we look like the all-American family, I will always look at life with arms longing for those I haven't met. Yes, it is bittersweet that makes life beautiful.

Great thoughts, Sarah. Enjoy Bittersweet, it's coming your way!

Everyone who participated had great thoughts. I simply numbered the comments and had someone in my family randomly pick a number. Fun!

Check out Sarah's blog, A Lettered Legacy, here.

Bummed you didn't win? Buy Bittersweet here.

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