Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Double Digits

Today is Elaina's birthday. She's 10!

It's hard for me to believe I am a mother in general, let alone I have four children and the oldest is now into double digits.

Contractions came late into the night ten years ago. Around 2am Sergei drove me straight down Chicago Avenue in our rusty clunker of a car, trying to avoid potholes and hitting every one. We got to Northwestern Prentice Hospital, signed in and were put in a room. I had an epidural (loved it!) and we waited around, surprised at how easy and quick everything was.

Two hours later, Elaina was born. She was the prettiest of all my babies. A dusting of sandy brown hair, beautiful, long eye lashes, a calm demeanor.

Funny, she was the easiest delivery. Once we brought her home she proceeded to cry five to seven hours a day the first six months of life. Good times. But that will be another post.
Elaina is a beautiful young lady, full of energy and spirit. She wanted a shopping spree this year instead of presents. She is growing up.

Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter. Love and prayers.


  1. She is beautiful Gillian! Happy 'birth'day to you! ;) I'm 7 months behind you as my oldest will hit the big 1-0 in May. Crazy!!!


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